Ladies Love It!

Or, at least, I hope they will.

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did u know today is Friday The 13th and a full moon and this won’t happen again until August 13, 2049?????¿¿¿¿?


psa i call everyone ‘man’ ‘bro’ ‘bruh’ and stuff like that because im an 80s surfer dude from california at heart 

BUT if you’d rather me not call you those things OR if i call you those things and you’re uncomfortable with it please tell me and i promise i won’t call you that and i’ll apologize if i’ve already called you it 

80s surfer dude lingo is rad but not when it hurts other people 

Anonymous: Hey it's no problem ^^ also I most definitely have a crush on you >\\\< so uhh yeah.... Talk to you when you get back

aHHHH GOSH YOu’RE ADORABLE gosh gosh gosh !!!!!!!!!!
i’m literallhy just a bunch of exclamation poiunts omg  youre the sweetest ahhhhh!!!!!!! 

i just got on tumblr omg hi anon how are you?






my physics teacher loves april fools day




Saying that a man and a woman can’t be “just” friends is like assuming that a bisexual or pansexual can’t have any friends at all because they might get a sudden urge to fuck them.

You’ve found out my secret.

I just want to bang everybody all the time.




god i want hook to be the tin man so bad

i want zelena to take his heart and try to use it to control him, gives him all these orders

that he belligerently follows to the exact letter like

she tells him to bring back information about snow and charming and he returns with the disney movie (“i’m not certain what this is, but i’m given to understand that it will explain everything you need to know about the royals”)

or to kill belle and he breaks a bell and gives it to her (“i went to a lot of trouble for that, you could at least act grateful — finding a bell that was made in some place called france was not as simple as you might suspect”)

and just in general totally fucks up her program and makes her seriously regret expecting a goddamn pirate be obedient in any way

she orders him to spy on “his precious swan” and he comes back with a detailed journal filled with a by-hourly account of an actual swan

she throws the disney dvd of snow white and the seven dwarves at his forehead and screams, “no, you one-handed idiot—information on snow white from this century" and he returns an hour later with intel on a snow drift that was snow white until “a canine appeared and marked it as its own”

like literally every villain on this show has treated hook like a dancing monkey only to be surprised he’s a belligerent smart-ass—so why should the villain who actually has monkey lackeys be any exception